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July's Featured Branding Package

We decided to try something new in the world of branding. Each month,  we're going feature a cool branding package for sale.  Only one lucky person will get the package which will be inclusively sold through the blog post. The catch is that the only changes that can be made are to the name.

Not to worry though, we do an excellent job developing a cool and clean color palette that will help the brand stand out. So, lets take a look at this months featured package.

This month's featured package is called: "Brenda Washington Event Planner." We envisioned this planner adding star quality to every event they touch!

Custom Design Logo for an Event Planner
We picked a color palette of black, hot pink, white and an aqua type blue. The white serves as just a native color to bridge the three main colors together. Upon purchase you'll be given the exact color codes so that you can sync your colors perfectly with your website or blog, as well as your other marketing materials.
Color Palette for the Brenda Washington Event Planner Package
No logo is complete with a symbol right?  So, we designed a cool round symbol that can be used as your Social Media photo on Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Twitter. If you have a company tag line we can add it at no additional charge.
Symbol Logo for the Brenda Washington Event Planner Logo Package

Additionally, we provided another symbol that can be used to watermark photos of events that you've planned for your company. Marking your work is very important in the world of Social Media. You wouldn't want someone taking credit for your beautiful work.

Watermark Symbol for the Brenda Washington Event Planner Brand Package
We worked hard to make this a very fun and professional looking branding package. We wanted clients to walk in feeling like their event would be handled with complete care, creativity and fun!

The purchaser would be happy to know that the package includes a few extra freebies for Social Media too. After purchase you'll be contact by us within 48 hours to obtain your company name.  After we have your name, all graphics will be updated and delivered to you within 3 to 5 business days. You'll receive a DropBox link to retrieve all of your images.

We hope you love this month's featured branding package just as much as we do! Interested in purchasing it for your brand? Click below.


  1. Those look really cool . You do a fabulous job with Branding

  2. Love this month's branding package. You definitely do an awesome job on your work.


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