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Why You Should Purchase Scene Creators to Create the Perfect Flatlay

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Okay we've all been there, struggling to get those perfect white flatlays that are hip to current trends. We've tried everything including watching tutorials and taking up photography classes.  Let's face it sometimes we don't have the time and we need the perfect short cut. Well today we're going to show you the perfect short cut that will allow you to create those perfect white and bright layouts.

Scene Creators, my friends, is your solution to perfect flatlays. 

Here's Why We Love Scene Creators...

  • Scene Creators are stockpiled with tons of items covering a wide range of situations so you're able to generate a flatlay scene for an situation or occasion.
  • You can create an unlimited amount of flatlay scenes that compliment your business and some Scene Creators allow you to adjust the colors of the items.
  • You can use the Scene Creators to monetize your blog or business by creating unique flatlays that you can sell to other businesses.
  • The price for Scene Creators is generally very affordable, from our experience most Scene Creators are typically $50 or less.
We Used a Scene Creator to Create Our Blog Banner

How Do They Work

Using Scene Creators require Photoshop. Don't worry if you don't have it. Adobe now offers the Adobe Creative Photography Plan. The plan includes Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99 a month plus tax. Additionally, you don't have to be a Photoshop expert to create scenes with a Scene Creator. It simply requires a few clicks to add and remove objects onto your flatlay and you're good to go.

To make things easier for you we've rounded up or 10 Favorite Scene Creators over at CreativeMarket.com

7 Scene Creators We Love
  1. Custom Scene Creator Marble & Makeup: We love this one for all the beautiful black, white and marble that you get. If you browse Instagram, you'll notice that marble is the new trend. With this scene creator, you get plenty of it too.

  2. Multi Hero Header Mockup Creator: This Scene Creator is versatile. It offers objects for both men and women. It's stock piled with over 120 objects for you to choose from.

  3.  Custom Branding Creator- 100+ Items: This Scene Creator is perfect for those who wish to display their branding items or the items of clients.. There are over 100 items for you to chose from.

  4. Coffee Mockups Scene Creator +: For those who are severe coffee lovers this mockup is for you!

  5. Wineglass Photoshop Mockup: If you design vinyl wine glasses, this mockup is perfect for you so that you can display professional images in your shop.

  6. Art Mockup Scene Creator LR1: If you sell digital or print art, you'll love this mockup. It gives you the opportunity to give your customers a visual display of how the art would look hung up.

  7. Custom Scene Creator- Black&White: The perfect Scene Creator for those who love all things Black and White.

With your Scene Creators you can make several  layouts ahead of time and have them ready for posting on your social media sites. This helps you to ensure that you have a timeline or feed that represents the cohesive branding that you seek for your and your company.

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So, head to CreativeMarket.com and grab a Scene Creator or two for your business.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need assistance. We'd love to help.

5 Star Dining at José Andrés' Jaleo Restaurant

One thing you can look forward to in DC is celebrity Chef dinning. Some of the top chefs in the country have opened up fine dining establishments in the Washington, DC area. One such chef, José André, has 8 restaurants alone in DC, including a food truck. The José André Think Food Group is all about telling stories through fine ingredients coupled with a friendly and relaxing dining environment.

Jaelo Restaurant
Outside front view of Jaelo Restaurant in Downtown, DC
Over the weekend, after a news adventure at Newseum in downtown DC. My sister and I, along with my daughter, decided to try out José Andrés' Jaleo Restaurant. We've passed the restaurant on several occasions while being in the area, and we decided that it was time to give it a try.

Patrons enjoying their dining experience at Jaleo Restuarant
Just in case you're wondering, Jaleo is a Spanish restaurant offering diners a very impressive selection of tapas, savory paellas, splendid sangrias and a very fine selection of Spanish wines and Sherries.

A Display of José Andrés Products inside the restaurant

I was totally captivated when I walked into the restaurant. The decor was vibrant and lively paying homage to the beautiful colors of Spain. The wait staff was extremely friendly and seated us very quickly.

My sister with the Restaurant Hostess getting our table as  I snap photos.
You simply cannot go to a Spanish restaurant without ordering an authentically made Sangria. Here in the USA, locally Sangria's are usually a tad bit sweet, the Sangria's at Jaelo were true to their origin, heavy fruit tones without the overboard sweetness. We were served a bread with a tasty EVO oil flavored with artichokes and fresh rosemary.

Spanish Sangria along with Bread and an EVO oil flavored with Artichoke and Rosemary

Another cute perk of the restaurant is the menus themselves. Jaleo offers 4 menus that match the vibrant decor of the restaurant. There's a menu for cuisine selections, there's a cocktail menu, a wine menu and a dessert menu.

The Red Menu is for the cuisine, the Yellow Menu is for the cocktails and the Green Menu is for the wines

Jaleo's Dessert Menu

Now anything on a menu that has jumbo lump crab is going to get my attention, so immediately I eyed Salpicon de cangrejo on the menu. I wanted to go with something light and tasty. This dish is a combination of Jumbo lump crabmeat with finely chopped cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and cauliflower topped with a brandy sauce.

Oh my it was this selection so great. The blend of the crab meat with the finely chopped veggies danced on my tongue.  You could taste the pure freshness of the crab meat. The sauce was extremely tasty too. My daughter, ever the hamburger girl, decided to go with Iberico de bellota mini hamburguesas which is Spanish mini burgers made from the legendary acorn-fed, black-footed ibérico pigs of Spain and ibérico bacon
Ibérico de bellota mini hamburguesas

She actually loved the burgers, which was surprising since they didn't have cheese. Being the foodie that I am I had to taste for myself. After one bite I understood why she loved the burgers.  This is definitely not your regular burger. It's an edible experience you won't soon forget. I've never had the pleasure of tasting bacon so good.

Giving the bérico de bellota mini hamburguesas a taste

When you visit a 5 Start restaurant, you definitely don't leave without sampling dessert. So, Sophia and I decided that we'd both try something different so we could sample two desserts. Smart huh! I went with Flan al estilo tradicional de mamá Marisa con espuma de crema catalan, A classic Spanish custard with 'espuma' of Catalan cream and oranges. 

Flan al estilo tradicional de mamá Marisa con espuma de crema catalana

Sophia selected, Espuma crujiente de chocolate con leche, Crunchy chocolate-caramel mousse with coffee-rum ice cream and cocoa nib.
Espuma crujiente de chocolate con leche
 Both desserts were rich and creamy. I particularly loved the light and airy taste of the flan. I've never been one to like super sweet desserts, so these two desserts definitely fit the taste goal for me. Overall, I definitely would give this restaurant a 5 Start Rating, from service to cuisine, the experience was superb. I highly recommend that you try this restaurant if you're in the Washington, DC area. Cheers and Edible Adventures!!!

Give Your Brand a Boost, Take a Skillshare Course

Building a brand is no easy task. We all know that for every "rags to riches" story there are 5 more "rags to rags" stories. However, thanks to the broadening and expanding easy access to knowledge your success story doesn't have to say filled with rags.

In the online world there are tons of sites offering up quality knowledge on how you can build and boost your brand. One such site, Skillshare, offers up a collection of free and low cost courses taught by folks just like you and me, who have the skills and knowledge being sought by up and coming entrepreneurs.

Skillshare offers a free option and a subscription based option, which is billed annually.
Skillshare subscription options

Wondering what's included, see below
Compare the options of a free subscription versus a paid subscription to Skillshare

As new member, you can enjoy the perks of a premium membership for just $0.99 for the first 3 months.

So if gaining help to boost your brand is at the top of your To-Do-List then here are three courses that we recommend.

  1. Boost Your Facebook Post to Reach Millions of People! Instructor Diego Davila, gives you the inside information you need to boost your Facebook posts for maximum reach.

    An Online Skillshare Class by Diego Davila
  2. Pinterest For Business: How I Get 64,450 Visitors In 90 Days. Instructor, Bharath Kumaran gives step by step instructions on maximizing your use of Pinterest for Business.

    An Online Skillshare Class by Bharath Kumaran
  3. How To Send Unlimited Free Traffic To Your Affiliate Links. Intsructor James Canzanella teaches how how to make the most of your affiliate links. Great information for bloggers.
  4. An Online Skillshare Class by James Canzanella
While on Skillshare, do you research while finding other course to take. Read the reviews. Don't let a bad review keep you from exploring the course. Everyone's expectations and experience is different. What one person might find useless, could be the key to another individual's success.

Also, remember that teaching is another way to build your brand so if you have a sought after skill, you can also sign up to teach a course on Skillshare. As a teacher, you'll earn money each time someone purchases a course taught by you. According to Skillshare, some of the top teachers on their site earn up to $40,000 a year.

To learn more about what it takes to teach a course on Skillshare check out their section on Teaching. Not quite ready to teach? No problem go ahead and start your $0.99 3-Month Trial and get the knowledge and skills you need to propel your business.

Pin this post for future reference. Feel free to share it with your business friends!! Wishing you all great success with your business!

Good Eats, Great Books and Free WiFi at Busboys and Poets

Our Nation's Capital is filled with tons of independent restaurants and cafes. You really won't find a lot of fast food joints here. No complaints here, because I'm definitely not a fast food eater.  I love the opportunity to work away from home in the comfort of good food and a great atmosphere.  Here in DC we have tons of options too.

When you want to combine a great home away from home work environment, where you don't have to worry about good eats, Busboys and Poets is definitely your place venture too. The eclectic restaurant is a mixture of books and great grub.  In DC there are 6 Busboy and Poet locations and all are conveniently located near either a Metro Station or a Bus Line.
Busboys and Poets Website Homepage

One the day I visited it was a nice mid morning Sunday. I walked in grabbed a comfy booth, set up the MacBook with their free Wifi and  decided to start my edible adventure with one of my favorite brunch type meals: Shrimp and Grits. If you can make Shrimp and Grits, then in my book you're a 5 Star joint.
Setup and ready to work on a mid-morning Sunday at Busboys and Poets

Oh my the Shrimp and Grits were beyond tasty. The blend of spices were absolutely on point. The shrimp was mouthwatering and not rubbery.  So needless to say that dish garnered them a 5 Star rating from me.

Mouthwatering Shrimp and Grits from Busboys and Poets

The place is just full of comfort too. The have shelves of books sitting in the center of the restaurant adjacent to the bar and dinning area.  It's just a very relaxing environment overall.

After I finished with the 5 Star Shrimp and Grits I couldn't leave without trying dessert. I settled on the Banana Bread Pudding with Coconut Ice Cream. Oh my it was so darn yummy. I ended up staying for an additional hour after dessert!!

Banana Bread Pudding with Coconut Ice Cream from Busboys and Poets

The next time you're in the DC, grab your laptop and your taste buds and head to one of the 6 Busboy and Poets locations. Your stomach will thank you later!


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