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Create Fab Photos and Media for Social Media

Happy Thankful Thursday! Today we're sharing some fabulous resources to help you give your photos and media a striking edge.  These resources are perfect for those looking for an option other than Photoshop or Picmonkey.

First on this list is this fabulous website called Place It!  It's a drag and drop heaven. It's the place for you when you want to show off media in a digital manner. You can display your apps, videos and photos that you mockup through devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The ability to showcase videos was the selling point for us with this website. It takes social media promoting to a new level.

It also provides the ability for you to mock up print media such as business cards, posters, magazines, packaging and more. If you sell apparel like t-shirts they have a section for that too. It's really just that fab. They offer three purchase options which is well worth the price. So, be sure to check them out!

Now for our next resources, Android users this one is especially for you. Us, iPhone users were blessed with awesome app WordSwag to help us create fabulous looking photos to display our quotes and sayings. Well now there's the is awesome website called Recite This that allows you to create stunning quote photos right from your desktop.

With this site you type in your quote and scroll through the selection of styles to choice the one that fits your needs. It updates the images in the scroll bar as your type, making it fast and easy for you to select your style choice.

Once you're select the image of your choice, a pop up box shows up giving you several social media options for sharing your image as well as the option to download your image. The only con that we have with this site is that all the images contain the logo of Recite This and as of now, they don't offer an option to purchase a plan or subscription that would allow you to opt out of having their logo, but again, as free resource it's still worth it.

As always, we hope you find these resources useful! Tell us your favorite resource for creating photos and media for your Social Media platforms.

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Typography Tuesday: 3 Fonts $15 and Less

*** This post contains Affiliate Links. To read our full affiliate disclosure, please click  HERE!***

We're back with our Typography Tuesday feature and we have some very cool fonts to share with you today. The best part is that all 3 of the featured fonts are $15 and less. So grab your credit card and get ready to shop!!!

First on our list is an awesomely cool sans serif font called Bird House! This is a handwriting type font and perfect for designing logos, signatures, and t-shirts.  It includes uppercase standard character, punctuation and multiple language support. It retails for $15.

Next on the list we have a display type font called  FTF Minthee Hewante Pro. It's a silhouette font based on zoo animals. It's the perfect type of font for crafters who use cutting machines like the Silhouette Cameo or the Cricut Explorer. The font retails for $8.

The final font on the list is a beautiful script font called Antype Script and Sans. This beautiful script font comes with different swashes and glyphs that you can access through the glyph panel in Illustrator or Photoshop. It also has a Sans font included as well. Additionally the artist gives you three additional freebie fonts with the purchase of Antype. It retails for $14.

We definitely hope you love our Typography Tuesday specials. All Fonts can be purchased at Creative Market. As added bonus, if you follow them on Pinterest you'll be eligible to receive 15 percent off any purchase.

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iPhone Photo Editing Tips

Well hello there!!! It's been mad busy for the past month, but we are finally back to blogging action. For today's post we decided to share our tips for getting smoking hot photos for your Instagram feed.

 As you know photos are everything on Instagram, for obvious reasons, of course. However, to draw in followers and likes you have to do more than just post photos. You have to post SMOKING hot, stylish photos.

So today we are going to show you how we style and edit our photos.

We aim to offer our followers a great mix of our design life and the things we do, behind the scene to make our business work. While we do have a professional camera, the majority of our Instagram photos are taken with our almighty wonderful iPhone!

We stage the photo based on our chosen theme and then snap our shot using the square format, so it's perfectly sized for Instagram.

As you can see above, the image looks a little dark and dingy. That's okay because the iPhone actually has very cool photo editing features that will allow you to breathe life into your photos. Remember, however that the key is to make certain that you take your photos using great natural light because it will give your end result pure magic. Now lets look at the iPhone photo editing features.

As you can see the iPhone has a nice selection of tools that will help you get your image bright and popping. Making adjustments to Exposure, Highlights, Shadow, Brightness, Contrast and Black Point will give you the polished look you wish to achieve. Every image you take will be different, therefore it's necessary to play around with each feature until you achieve your desire look.

Once we finished our photo editing we had the perfect final finished look.

The finished photo was a perfect combination of editing to produce a nice and bright photo that we could use for our Instagram feed. Now you can do additional editing using apps if you choose. Our two favorite  photo editing apps are: PicsArt and VSCO. Both apps offer a ton of editing features that would allow to you take our photo editing a step further. They are both available in iTunes for downloading.

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This Chic Loves™ New Things

Well now let's see it's been a few weeks since my last blog post and let me tell you, so much has happened. Business shot through the roof for LilMsSophia Designs. All of sudden I had less time to blog because I needed more time to churn out logos and flyers for new and returning customers. Anddddd I also launched a t-shirt line called This Chic Loves™.

It all started when my sister and I were going to our very first wine tasting event. Being a designer and I all I thought it would be cute if we wore t-shirts that had to do with wine. We both thought it would make the event more fun and give me an opportunity to advertise my work.

I used a previously designed shirt for myself: “When Shit Happens I Drink Wine™”. My sister on the other hand didn’t want a shirt with swear words ( I know, so lame LOL), so I came up with something simple and sweet for her: This Chic Loves™ Wine and that’s how my t-shirt line was born.

A custom tee for my sister! Yep, I whipped up this tee this morning for our afternoon wine tasting! The perks of being a...
Posted by Shantel Turner-Collins on Saturday, March 19, 2016

I couldn't believe all the buzz that was generated from her photo that I  posted on Facebook and Instagram. So, being the little hustler that I am, I jumped on the opportunity to expand on that little phrase "This Chic Loves™. Boy am I glad I did. I created a cute quick logo for the brand, a Facebook page,  and an Instagram account. This rest, as they say, is history!

To date, we have 17 designs, not including the 5 new ones that I'm adding this weekend.

My aim for the brand is to be a creative voice for the things that women love. Whether it's being a mom, a boss a teacher or short we want women to walk in love for the things they love.  We also plan to  partner with other businesses that cater to women consumers as well.  We want  This Chic Loves™ to become a household brand.

I definitely encourage you to check out the Facebook Fan Page for This Chic Loves™ and to follow us on Instagram too, because This Chic Loves™ New Things and new beginnings.

Shop our selection of t-shirts this weekend and enjoy FREE SHIPPING when you use the code: FREESHIPCHIC at checkout!

This Chic Loves™ is a trademark of Sophia Crawford LLC.

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