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Grab Some Free Blogger Resources

***Disclaimer: This Post Contains Affiliate Links.  To learn more visit our Affiliate Link Page***

As a blogger and designer having a wealth of resources such as fonts and graphics is essential to a steady stream of creative posts. So today on the blog we're sharing with you a list of FREE goodies that you can grab and alter to your liking.  Take these goodies and put your own creative spin on them and let them work for YOU!!!

1. First on the list is a bundle of classic Social Media Banners that you can easily edit in Photoshop. With this free bundle, your download will include:  Pinterest/Poster/Quote: 768 px by 1024 px Instagram: 850 px by 850 px and Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr: 851 px by 315 px. Images shown in the preview are not included. You'll be able to insert your own images to give them a personal touch.

2. Next on the list we some cool Wanderlust U.S. Travel Vector images. These vectors are perfect for creating great images for your travel blog or sprucing up your Instagram photos. The bungle includes typography overlays as well.  The complete FREE bundle includes: 
  • 30+ Vector Illustrations (Texture layer is easily removed in adobe illustrator to reveal crisp vectors)
  • 8 Travel Themed Quotes Great for Prints
  • Custom Color Palette
  • 5 Seamless Patterns

3. How about a totally free customizable Sidebar for your blog. Yep that's what you'll get with this free download. Because it's licensed for both personal and commercial use, you can design one for yourself and then make some to sell in your blog shop. How cool is that!!!

4. Now if you need something new for your blog, go ahead and try out this free Personal Blog Template. If you know a little coding you can add your own personal spin on the template to make it completely unique to your blog.

That's all the freebies we have for today. On Wednesday, we're going to highlight some awesome Font Bundles. Until then, stay creative!! 

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Printing and Production Resources for Bloggers

Hey Hey Hey!! It's Tuesday!!  Initially, we wanted to find Spring and bring it to you, but then we remember that you were waiting for a special list of resources from us for today.

Now, if you read our previous post, Creative Ways to Monetize Your Blog, then you remember that we promised to come back today and share a list of places that you can have your creative designs made. So let's get cracking with that list!!!

1. District White Label: Pricing wise they are a winner for  stationery type products. They offer flat rates on just about everything they offer. You want find added extras like lined envelope liners, but what they don't offer in options they make up for in quality and price. You can have the following types of products made with them:

  • Flat and Folded Note Cards
  • Die Cut Cards
  • Books
  • Mugs
  • Calendars
  • Journals

2. Society6: Society6 is actually a favorite for bloggers. They offer sellers the option to upload their designs and have them printed various products. As a seller you earn a set commission from every sale that you make. You can have your designs printed on the following types of products with them:

  • Leggings
  • Totes
  • Mugs
  • Phone Cases
  • Throw Pillows
  • Travel Cups
  • Tablet Cases
  • Stationery
  • and more....

3. StationeryHQ: The jolly place is a top choose for both bloggers and designers alike. You're basically buying your print products at wholesale prices that you can then sell for retail prices to your customers. There's no minimum purchase amount which means you have more control over your price and profits. The following products are available for you to have made through StationeryHQ:

  • Stationery
  • Letterpress and Foil Stamping
  • Mugs
  • Wedding Supplies
  • Wrapping Paper
  • School Supplies
  • Business Supplies
  • and more...

To round out things here is a list of more sites that you can upload designs to, open shops with or have your original designs printed and produced.

  1. Zazzle.com
  2. Cafepress.com
  3. Redbubble.com
  4. Printaura.com
  5. ThePrintful.com
  6. Spreadshirt.com
  7. Minted.com
  8. Imagekind.com

When creating your designs, be mindful of copyright laws. Most of these producers enforce copyright. So steer clear of using protected items such as Disney, Starbucks, NFL or NBA, etc. In the long run you'll experience much more success producing something that is unique and exclusive to you and your business.

Creative Things for $1 and Less

As a starving blogger, finding good resources is quite essential. By resources we mean graphics, fonts, templates and such. The idea is to get the most bang for your buck.  So in today's post, we're going to share some pretty cool creative things you get for your blog for $1 or less, with less meaning FREE!

1. Malina Brush Font: You can download this cute font for FREE from Creativemarket.com. This font is very versatile in design. It's the perfect font to create smashing header or to design items to help monetize your blog. Either way it's a win-win situation for you being a FREE resource.

2. New Garden. Autumn floral collection: These floral freebies are good for just about everything. You can use them to create smashing graphics for your blog.  You can use them to design products that you can sell through the blog. The options are only limited to your imagination. So go ahead and grab these goodies while they are FREE.

3. Eirene Responsive HTML Theme: How about a responsive, simply designed template for your blog. It's what you'll get with the Eirene template over at TheHungryJpeg.com for just $1.00

4. Premade Logo Template PSD: So if you need a quick logo and you can use Photoshop then for $1 your problems are solved. The PSD file comes with the fonts used to design the logo. You simply change the information to suit your business and you're good to go. This is a perfect option when you're just starting out in business and you're on a tight budget.

5. 200 Chevron Design Seamless Digital Paper in Assorted Colours: Patterns of any kind can be quite useful for bloggers. We can use them to make digital goods such as typography art or templates for our social media platforms. With this bundle you have 200 possibilities plus more to work with for $1, so grab these before they're gone!

Now these are the ones we're showcasing. However, if you browse both CreativeMarket.com and TheHungryjpeg.com you'll find tons more resources that you can use for your blog and your business. So stay there a while and check out what they have! If you find these resources useful, go ahead and share them with your business buddies!!

Creative Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Okay Okay okay enough already with the "Make $10,000 blogging in 3 months ads"! I swear if I see one more ad of that nature I'm going to scream and literally slap the computer screen. NO you're not going to make $10k from blogging after 3 months. It's not going to happen in 5 days. I promise you on my last glass of wine.

However, it's not to say that you can't earn a little something from your efforts of sharing insights through your blog posts. Today on the blog we're going to share a few select products that you can sell through your blog to monetize your blog and help you generate steady flow of income.

We are not not saying that you're going to make $10k selling these products, but with steady promotion and engagement through you're blog, we're not going to say that you CAN'T make $10k selling these products either! The key to remember is that all of this will take work on your part. So lets check out the products shall we....

Coffee Mugs

Okay we know this one is very obvious. Coffee, after all, is very synonymous with blogging and writing. Everyone loves coffee or tea on some level and there's nothing like having your own coffee mug. The key with selling it through your blog is to have designs that are unique to your blog and niche. So if you're a food blogger or fashion blogger then the idea is to have mugs designed using sayings or images that are unique to your business.


Yes this one is obvious too. However, the idea is to make sure that you design journals that fit your blog niche.  The longer your blog you'll develop your own sense of blog speak; this is phrases or words that you'll become known for using through your blog. Those phrases and words can be profitable for you and your blog. Additionally, you can forgo designing them and just purchase them wholesale to sell through your blog. (We'll have that resource listed in the blog on Tuesday. Can't tell you everything at once  hehehe)

Note Cards

Believe it or not, snail mail isn't dead and there are still people who appreciate the love of pen and paper and some really cute note cards. Have you ever been to Payprus?  The store is always crowed and that my friend is proof that there's a genuine love STILL for fancy note cards and greeting cards. So, don't be left out in the dust, design a few sets of note cards that are exclusive to your shop and sell them as part of your blog inventory. This is another great way to boost your brand.


Don't knock this hustle. There will NEVER EVER be enough t-shirts. Tees are the most wearable piece of clothing by men, women, and children alike and believe me you don't need to statistics to proof that point. Just look around you and you'll see. So starting a t-shirt link to monetize your blog makes great financial sense.  With tees you have options. You can go with a graphic design, but simplicity sells too so if you're known for a few catching phrases, turn those babies into bucks and put them on a tee. With great marketing and promotion you'll get the sales.

Typography Art Posters

Everyone loves cool typography art. It's how you dress up your office walls and your living room and your bedroom walls and your kitchen walls. Yes you get the picture. If you browse Etsy you'll see there's a ton of typography art available. You'll also notice the equally ton of folks who buy them.  Most sellers of typography art sell them as a digital product and leave the printing to the customer. We love that option too.  It's probably the easiest $5 you'll make for your blog.

Where Do I Get My Products Designed?

Glad you asked, now with us being designers and all, we could easily make a shameless plug and promote ourselves, however we're fair about things so we're going to be impartial and give you some good resources to help you get things started.

1. Fiverr: This is place to go when you have a tight budget but still need some quality design work performed.

2. PicMonkey: If you're pretty good with using design programs then PicMonkey is great choice. You  can use it to design images/text for your mugs, your journals and your note cards.

3. Creative Market: On this site you can find templates that you can alter to your liking. Even if you don't have the skills to use Photoshop, you can purchase the templates and then hire someone (like us) to alter the templates to your liking.

4. Outsource: If you have no creative skills you can always outsource your work to a graphic designer. The first thing you should do is write out a plan of what you'd like to have done and then obtain quotes and bids on your project from various designers to ensure that you get the most bang for your bucks.

5. Adobe Products: If you're design savvy then you know you can use either Photoshop, Illustrator or inDesign to create all of the items we listed above.

Okay so now you have some product ideas to help you monetize your blog and you have some resources for getting them designed. While you're working on that phase, we'll start writing the blog post that will show you where you can have your products produced. You'll love our resources because you'll be able to have them produced without any minimum purchase requirements.  So be sure to come back next week. We'll have that post up and gleaming on Tuesday.

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