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Superbowl Popcorn That Makes the Touchdown!!

 Now this might come as a surprise but I actually do love football. Granted this year none of my teams made it to Super Bowl ( I'm a Seattle Fan), I still plan to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials though!! Even Super Bowl commercial watching requires good snacks! So I concocted a winning touchdown popcorn recipe so that I can enjoy the fun with a SUPER tasty snack

It's super simple and easy. I used my favorite melting chocolate wafers, Ghirardelli dark melting wafers and white melting wafers. I also used cinnamon sugar, and hickory smoked bacon bits. I created 4 types of popcorn with these ingredients: cinnamon sugar popcorn, white chocolate popcorn, dark chocolate popcorn  and white and dark chocolate popcorn with bacon bits.

Once I popped the popcorn, Sophia and I did all the drizzling and shaking to get our popcorn coated. She loves helping in the kitchen. It makes all the more fun when we do it together too.

After all the drizzling and shaking was done, we put the popcorn in the fridge to let the chocolate set.

After the chocolate set, we dumped all 4 flavors into a bowl to get it ready for the Superbowl.

Now, since Sophia will be in bed while the Super Bowl is on, it seemed only fair that I saved her some, especially since she helped me make it so I packed up her share in some jars so she could enjoy her snacks after dinner and after school tomorrow!! As you see she took most of the dark chocolate popcorn for your herself LOL.

So what snacks are you making for Super Bowl Sunday???? Leave a comment and let us know what's on your game day snack menu!

Selling Your Products with Pick Your Plum

As both a designer of digital and tangible products, I'm always searching for new avenues to reach more clients. In today's e-commerce world the big players are Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon. While all three bring various levels and benefits to a retailer its still good to have other options.

A few weeks ago  I decided to inquire about the process of selling products through one of my favorite email retailers, as I call them, Pick Your Plum. I wasn't necessarily looking to sell with them right away but given the prices and deals I often find through their site I did wonder how the process worked.

So lucky for you, I'm going to share the process of how it works. It's more simple thank you think. Who knows you might end up signing up  after reading to give your business a jumpstart.

How it Works

1. First you fill out their quick sign up form to become a vendor. A deal coordinator contacts you to find out more about your business and the product(s) you intend to sell.

2. Once you are approved to sell with PYP, you will be instructed to send the products you are selling directly to them. They store and ship all the products so you don't have too. They also pay for you to ship the products to them. Also if you have leftover inventory after your sale they'll ship it back to you for free.

3. You receive payment just a few days after the end of your sale period. All transactions and activity can be monitored through the vendor portal.

Now I'm sure you're wondering the cost right???? Well glad you asked. You keep 65 percent of all sales and PYP keeps 35 percents. If you sell out of your items they bump your share from 65 percent to 70 percent.

Now I know you're probably thinking: "OH MY GOSH, that's not a lot", but lets look at the full picture. First, second and third, you're not required to do anything to get sales. PYP handles everything included paying to have YOUR products shipped to them. They store the products for you, promote them for you,  and ship them for you. All you have to do is sit back and collect your earnings.

One thing I would advise, make sure that you somehow include branding on your products,  so that should buyers want to check out other items from you beyond PYP, they know how to contact you.

So what do you think? I'm actually going to try this out for my daughter's business.  If you want to try it too just Click Here to sign up! Come back and share your experience with us!

Gratitude is About Benevolence

Yeah it's February!!!! It's a month full of so many things. We celebrate Black History Month! It's Heart Disease Awareness month and we celebrate that holiday about love and romance too. You know which one I'm referring too. Yes that one ....Valentine's Day.

Well, for this Valentine's Day I'm spreading gratitude through the LMS Gratitude Challenge. We started last month and it's been a really great success so far. Myself, along with 10 other ladies signed up to spread a little thoughtfulness and gratitude the old fashion way through snailmail.

I simply refused to believe that little acts of kindness, such as sending a card or a small token through the mail were dead. So, the LMS Gratitude Challenge is my way of proving that YES gratitude and benevolence is NOT a thing of the past.

So, for this month's challenge the theme is "LOVE". All participants will have to send a package to their assigned recipient that encompasses the theme of love. The beauty of this theme is that we all get to define love through our own words communicated through our packages.  This is an opportunity for each of us to reach inside our souls to see what love is all about through friendship, kindness and benevolence.

Read more details below to find out more about this month's challenge. Interested in joining? No problem. Just fill out the small form below. Participants will be paired on Thursday, February 4th.

What: LMS Gratitude Challenge
When: February, 2016
Theme: Love
How: You must purchase your items from Target's Dollar Spot. The overall value should be no more than $15.
Time: Please have all packages in the mail no later than February 11th.
 Then: Once you receive your package post it on social media (Facebook or Instagram) and use the hashtag #lmsgratitudechallenge

Typography that Motivates You!!

Whew Hew it's MONDAY!!!!!!  It's the start of new week and new opportunity for us all to achieve our goals. Usually I bring great typography deals on Tuesdays but these deals are too good to wait. So to give you a little dose of motivation and push I'm sharing with you 10 beyond fabulous fonts that are one $1... Yep you head me right they are each just ONE BUCK!!

So what you say we get to it.

1. Florabella Typeface: Features 290+ glyphs and 110 alternate character. including initial and terminal letters, alternates, ligatures and multiple language support.
Files included: - OTF - TTF - Webfont

2. Hefaio Brushscript Typeface: The Features of this fonts are: Contextual Alternates Standard ligatures Stylistic sets 1,2,3,4,5 Files included: Hefalo.otf Hefalo.ttf Hefalo Brush .ttf Hefalo Brush .otf Hefalo Web Fonts (eot, svg, woff)

3. Confetti Typeface: Included with this typeface is Confetti Regular (OTF) and Confetti Regular (TTF).

4. Holy Mountain Typeface: INCLUDED otf, ttf, alernative OTF, LIGATURE a i u e o,ff, tt, ll.

5. Bjorn Rider Hand Drawn Typeface: Included with this typeface are OTF, TTF, WOFF.

6. Our final typeface on the list is actually a bundle of 5 beautiful fonts for only $1. This bundle in includes the following typefaces: Cinderella,  Qeyla Script, Ashley Jarrow, Awesome Darling,  and Matthew Jason.

The beautiful thing about all 10 typefaces is that the come with Extended License, which means that you can use them for commercial projects such as designing t-shirts, stationery or even logos. All of the listed typefaces can be purchased from The Hungry Jpeg. While you there you might want to check out some of the other goodies they have listed in their dollar section. Have fun creating with these beauties!

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